War Robots Hack Cheats – Free Gold And Silver 2018

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Hi, friends if you are looking for War Robots Hack Cheats & FREE GOLD Guide, you can check our extensive article on this. We have summarized every aspect of the game and its walkthrough to get the better off the game. You can read our whole article on this subject or navigate to Go TO HACK if you want some quick Free Gold and silver for the game. We advise you to read the full article to get the maximum benefit out of the game.

What is War Robots Game?

War Robots was previously known as Walking War Robots, which is free mobile game for Google Play, iOS and Fire OS. Russian game developer PICNIC developed it. It is six vs. six PvP battles in Multiplayer Online battle arena. The player can battle solo or in a team and have to operate Big Robots to win any team match. IT was released in the year 2014 and become hit overnight. War Robots boast of more than 50,000,000 plus install till date and is most popular game across its category.

How to use War Robots Hack 2018 {updated}

  1. Navigate to the “War Robots  Hack Tool / Go to the Hack” above
  2. Now, enter your War Robots username of the game
  3. Choose your default device
  4. Choose the proxy option to save guard your game account.
  5. The server will try to use exploits to gain privilege in-game server and try to log in using the user is provided by the user.
  6. Now, Select the number of gold and silver you want.
  7. Allow the hack to execute the full algorithm to get Gold in your account
  8. After confirmation from the server, relaunch your game
  9. Enjoy your War Robots with unlimited Gold.

Unique Features of War Robots No Human Verification

If you think War Robots are yet another robots game, then wait and check its unique features which will blow your mind. We have summarized some of the cool features of War Robots which will make this game unique.

  1. 34 Battle ready Robots with different attributes
  2. You can choose more than 30 weapons to boost your Robots power
  3. new weapons such as ballistic missiles. Energy and plasma guns to blow your enemy
  4. You can miss and match your Robots with a different arsenal to make it killing war machine
  5. You can create your Clan and recruit teammate
  6. Fight battle 6×6 with a team from around the world
  7. You can complete the military task and earn the Best Pilot title
  8. Win team match and earn Gold to upgrade your war machines

Features of  Online Tool

If you are frustrated waiting for upgrades or if you want to buy new Robots, then you should use our online hack to get unlimited GOLD. You should consider some of finer details of our War Robots hack online tool.

  1. The tool can be accessed by all types of browsers.
  2. The tool is free of cost to use
  3. No hidden charges to use our tool
  4. No need to download any MOD hack to your computer, which means you are free from virus and malware
  5. 100% anonymity, chose the proxy option while doing the hack
  6. Advance industry standard Anti-ban algorithm to save your account
  7. Generate Unlimited Gold coin and Silver coin using our online tool
  8. Used by 45000 Happy users till now.
  9. You can use this hack multiple time in every day
  10. Great for all players who have a budget constraint
  11. Use Gold to upgrade your Robots or buy new weapons or buy New Robots
  12. Compete with leaders and yourself in the leaderboard

Note: Do not keep all the free Gold in your account, use it as soon as you get them.           

Tips And Tricks on War Robots

war robots tips and tricks

Tip1 # Login daily to get Bonus

If you are a new player to War Robots Game, then you must log in daily to get a bonus, you can get multiple items by playing the dice. Always remember, winning or losing is the different ball game, the main thing is to be consistent with your game. If you did not find time to play War Robots, then at least make a point of log in daily to receive a bonus. You will find many interesting things in daily bonus, which can be used to upgrade your Robots.

Tip2 # Go for the latest weapon

No matter what type of Robots you are using for team match, the only thing which can make you top in leaderboard is your latest weapon. Remember to upgrade your weapon or buy a new one, if you don’t have budget constraint. Weapons will give you an advantage in the game, which superior weapon you can win any game easily.

Tip3 # Aim for GOD Like

If you play War Robots, then you should know how killing is counted in this game.

  • Kill (when you kill one robot of opposite team)
  • Double Kill (when you kill two Robots)
  • Triple Kill (when you kill three Robots)
  • Wrampage (when you kill four Robots)
  • God-Like (when you kill more than Four Robots)

Note: all this killing should be made in your present Robots, if you get to kill or switch robot then it will not count.

Tip4 # Stay with your Teammates

As you all know this is strategy game which means, you will be given a reward when your team will win. Always stay with your teammates, hunt together and kill together. We recommend you to stay with your teammates and especially with your Team leader. Follow the instruction of your team leader in the game, as your survival means points to your team.

Tip5 # Start the war with small robots

If you are going to team war then always start with your small robots, save the big and powerful robots for later. Follow this rule, star with small robots and stay behind your team. Start firing at other robots when your team members start firing. When your small robots get destroyed, switch to your big and powerful robot to win the game.

Tip6 # Choose a location and hide

When you are playing Beacons rush, chose a place where you can hide and fire at enemy robots when you come for beacons. Play all the game scenario and find a suitable place to hide, this will ensure your robot safety and maximum killing.

Final words

We hope you enjoy our article on War Robots Hack Cheats & FREE GOLD (TRUTH REVEALED).  We have tested many methods and summarized all the working method for getting free Gold and silver. If you find its too difficult to follow our steps, then you can use Online generator tool to get unlimited Gold and silver for the game. Remember to use all your gold on the same day, to avoid getting caught. Till then happy gaming!