Top 4 Moviestarplanet Artbooks Ideas 2018

moviestarplanet artbook ideas


Artbooks are very famous now a day in the Moviestarplanet game. But how to use it for your benefit and get more visitors on your channel remain the hardest part. If you don’t know what artbooks are in Moviestarplanet Game, then you should read our full article on artbooks and top 10 Moviestarplanet tips.

What is Artbooks?

An Artbooks is a creative thing like sticker book or a college which you make to showcase your talent. Artbooks can make with simple text messages, photos, shapes or items. You can even make artbook and send it to weekly competition. Treat it as your hobbies in Moviestarplanet game.


How can you make Artbooks?

You can make artbook using the paintbrush option present in the game. To open paintbrush option follow the path:

  • Click on the MovieTown option present in your dashboard
  • Now click on Artbook icon present on the bottom right side of the screen
  • Click on paintbrush option present in the main menu
  • You will get many tools to start making your Artbook

Features of Artbooks

If you like cool artbooks of other players, then you should consider making one for yourself. There are many cool features presents and the artbook, which is as follows

  1. You can make tons of items using the tool present in the paintbrush
  2. Tools such as text, emoji, flower, frame are present which you can use without any knowledge of drawing.
  3. You can add pics and video in your artwork
  4. Choose any category, and you will be greeted with multiple options of items.
  5. You can showcase this artwork to public or private depending on the option you choose.
  6. You can send Artbooks to weekly competing to get some fame and trophy.
  7. Share your artbooks to social media or share it with your Moviestarplanet Friends.
  8. You can send Artbooks email to friends
  9. You can also download it and show it to your friends


Top 4 Moviestarplanet Artbooks

msp artbooks

If you are looking for top Artbooks which are famous right now, then you can go through our article. Presently these are the Artbooks which are famous right now:

  1. Cosplay Artbooks:

we all love cosplay, and we love to see our online avatar doing the makeup of it. If you don’t know what cosplay is, then you are not following the Moviestarplanet game thoroughly. Cosplay is dressing your online avatar with Japanese genres of manga or anime or some famous films.

Try to follow the trends and make cosplay according to it, like “Game of Thrones” or “The walking dead” or any other trending movie like “Deadpool.” You can also dress your character like the popular singer “Taylor Swift” or “Kanye West.” You can choose any character based on Marvel comics or harry porter character; the possibility is endless, use your imagination and rule the artbooks.

  1. Giveaway Artbooks:

we must admit here that maximum giveaways are scams, but you can also find a genuine player who is willing to share there artbook for free. Use their creativity and add some more items to it and share it with your friends. You can try our MSP hack to progress faster.

  1. Versus Artbooks trending now:

we all love to watch our favorite hero thrashing villains. But if someone put a Versus Artbooks, it looks quite impressive for example Batman Superman, or “harry potter” vs. “the hunger game.” You can create multiple zones and check it with your audiences. Go with the latest trends or latest movies which are going to release like “Hulk” vs. “Thor.”

  1. Creative Artbooks:

These are the best creative Artbooks which requires hard work and some cool drawing skills. Check for the winner of the weekly competition on Artbook, and you will come to know the time and effort other players are putting to create there Artbook.

 Final words:

If you want to get fame using artbook, then you should publish it during “peak hours.” Try to share it with all friends and followers. The artbook is special creatives which you should do when you find some time. Do not publish low-quality artbook or you will get bad comments.

Try to follow other players artbook and give good comments like “awesome artbook,” “I wish I can make such type of artbook,” “cool artbook,” this will ensure their interest in your artbook as well. Hope you find this article worth making a good and trending artbook.