Top 10 Tips, Tricks And Strategy For War Robots

war robots tips and guide


Top 10  War Robots Strategies For Beginners

Friends, if you are playing War Robots, then you might know that it is very difficult to survive war robots which purchasing any items from the store. You will always get thrash by other players who have big robots and who spend huge money to buy items form the in-app store. To contour that player, you can use our top 10 tips to play war robots.

Tip1 # Get Bonus First

You should login daily to get a bonus in war robots mobile game. Bonus includes items which will upgrade your robots. You will get one chance to roll a dice to get items present in the table. Remember, if you do not find time to Play war robots on weekdays, and you only play it on the weekend, make a habit of login daily to get a bonus. It will only take few seconds, but this action will save your lots of game Gold coins. You can read here how to get free Gold In War Robots Using hack.

Tip2 # Connect your Account with Facebook

Always connect your account with Facebook, apart from all the bonus you will receive, you will get benefit also.

  • You can check the progress of your friends who play war robots
  • You can invite them to the game to get cool bonus
  • You can check friends who are on the leaderboard
  • You can check special offers which are often going on in Facebook pages
  • Facebook will save your progress, and in case of mobile being stolen, you can use the same account using other mobile devices
  • Facebook is the biggest social platform, where all events, announcement, gift, bonus get display first.

Tip3 # Invite your Friends to get Bonus

If you want some cool bonus or free Gold in the game, you should invite your friends to play war robots game. If any of your friends use your referral links to play war robots, then you will receive a cool bonus. You should promote, War Robots game on your Facebook wall, twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media accounts. Alternatively, you can also share your screenshot of victory or point in your social media to encourage other people to join your clan.

Tip4 # Make a team with your Friends

If you are playing war robots with your friends and family members, then you might score high. Always remember to include your physical friends in your team, whom you know personally. It will boost your team spirit, and your team can score well, as you all know each other very well.

Tip5 # Stay with your Team

War Robots is an action-packed 6×6 PvP multiplayer arena game, which requires certain strategy.  The best strategy you can follow is to stay with your teammate during the war. You should kill together and hunt together. You should follow your team leader instruction and should try to contribute as a team member.

Tip6 # Upgrade your Robots with the latest weapon

Remember one rule in War Robots, upgrade your weapon of robots. It doesn’t matter what level of Robots you are using, the only thing which matters most is the weapon it is carrying in the war zone. Better weapon means, more kills, and more kills mean your team victory. So, make a point to purchase the best weapon and install those on your robots before going to war.

Tip7 # what type of Robots to take in war

There are many strategies which you can use in war, but believe us, the best strategy is to start with your lowest level robots. You can always change your robots in between of the war or when your robots get kills. Take the lowest or smallest robots first in the war. Hide behind the big robots of your teammates when you approach in the war zone. Do not open fire fist with your small robots.

Wait for your teammate big robots to open fire. After sometime later, open fire to enemy robots which your teammate is shooting. Stay with this policy until you get hit, and your new robots come in. Now when you got your Biggest robots, stay on the front line and make your teammate behind. Kill all the enemy robots with strongest robots.

Tip 8 # Stay longer to win the match

War Robots team match runs for 10 min, which means in that 10 min you need to kill other player robots and win for your team. There are much games in war robots in which your team can participate. If you want to become a boss in every game, then you should focus on staying longer by hiding and firing behind from hills. Taking sheltering behind any big robots of your teammate. Focus on your survival and killing other robots.

Tip9 # Get more point when you kill and survive

You will get points when you kill enemy robots, but you can get extra points when you kill more than one robots. There are many terms used in the games, use your skills to get these

  • Kill (one kill)
  • Double kill (two kills)
  • Triple kill (three kills)
  • Wrampage (four kills)
  • God-like (More than four kills)

Tip 10 # Participate and remember the game scenario

If you want to succeed in any game, you should know the terrain. In war robots, you should remember each terrain by heart. You should know every spots and place, which will give you winning edge in the game. If you are playing capture the Beacons, then you should find a suitable place, where you can hide and shoot on your enemy robots. Always remember to find a suitable place which will give you some advantages over enemy robots.

Final words

We all know it is very difficult to survive in war robots game without buying new weapons or robots. The game has in-app purchase store from which you can buy items. The game also hosts certain events, on that occasion, you can buy game items, which will cost you less. If you don’t want to buy items or have some budget constraints, use our Top 10 tips to play war robots.