10 Tips And Cheats To Get Fame in Moviestarplanet Game

moviestarplanet tips


We all want to get fame in the real world, but only a few gains it with there hard work and dedication. Well, you can get fame in the virtual world, if you want to taste fame in a game. The Moviestarplanet game is designed to make teenagers fighting fit to get fame in the real world. It gives a variety of task, and on completion, you will receive fame. So, we have summarized some top 10 tips to get fame in Moviestarplanet game. We wish you luck for getting fame using our method.

Tip1: Daily watch 10 Movies of another player

One of the best advice you can get to quick fame is to watch movies every day. You will be awarded some game coins. Which can be used to buy multiple items in the game. You can watch big player movies to take inspiration for making your movies. So, do not skip this part and try to watch daily 10 movies.

Tips2: Try to make Movies

One of the best way to attend fame in Moviestarplanet game is to make your movie and display it to the world. It will also ensure you get more followers and some quick money for your efforts. Movies are divided into two parts

(a) Shot Movies

(b) Big Movies

Categories of movies depend on the length of the movies. Shot movies will fetch you 10 Starcoins (which is the game currency of Moviestarplanet), and Big movies will give you 25 Starcoins.

Tips3: Try to make a series or create a surprise element

We all love daily soap opera; you should also do that, make something related to each other videos. Put some surprise element like if you are VIP member, then you can add animation to your video. Look good with new fashionable clothes, behave like you are the start of your movies. Make friends who have free MSP VIP membership, take them in your movie and ask them to take you in their movies. Try to create movies with fancy cloth and a good storyline.

Tips4: Take VIP Account if you want quick fame

If you can afford VIP account go for it in Moviestarplanet game. It gives you many benefits which you can use to attend quick fame. There are many VIP membership packages which you can check before opting for it.

msp free vip

(a) Regular VIP membership Package

Period Membership Cost Diamond Starcoins
One week $3.99 or £3 10 1900
One Month $9.99 or £8 70 9500
Three Month $24.99 or £20 175 22000
One Year $54.99 or £45 520 70000
Perks: Fame bonus, X5 friends, 5 Starcoins daily free, 4 autographs per hour, Access to Exclusive items, 2 daily wheel of fortune spins free


(b) Elite VIP membership Package


Period Membership Cost Diamond Starcoins
One week $4.99 or £3.50 15 2300
One Month $11.99 or £9 80 11500
Three Month $28.99 or £25 195 27000
One Year $64.99 or £55 635 91000
Perks: Fame bonus, X7 friends, 20 Starcoins daily free, 1 Diamond daily, 15 autographs per hour, Access to Exclusive items, 3 daily wheel of fortune spins free


(c) Star VIP membership Package


Period Membership Cost Diamond Starcoins
One week $5.99 or £4 20 3000
One Month $12.99 or £10 110 15000
Three Month $31.99 or £27 250 35000
One Year $69.99 or £60 825 120000
Perks: Fame bonus, X9 friends, 40 Starcoins daily free, 2 Diamond daily, 30 autographs per hour, Access to Exclusive items, 4 daily wheel of fortune spins free


Tips5: Login daily to get Bonus

You should play or login daily to get a bonus, bonus including free Wheel of fortune spins. If you are lucky, you will get 200 Starcoins as in the case of VIP.

Tip6: Regularly Check for Oscar and Scissor Icon

If you are real movie star what you need for fame?

Oscar award right, if you notice in your dashboard, you will find an icon with Oscar and Scissor. Click on the icon, and you will be greeted with small tasks, try to complete these tasks. Each Task your will award you with fame and 100 Starcoins.

Tips7: View other people artworks

View other people artwork and give good comment. You can also barter for an autograph if they agree. Check for good artwork, give them comment like “awesome video,” “I wish I could make like this video,” “I love your creativity.” Remember, your behavior will help you getting fame in the game. Be polite, be nice and ask for an autograph and no one will deny it.

Tips8: Play Different Games to earn Starcoins

You can play plenty of games which will be a highlight on your dashboard to get Starcoins. Take Quizzes to earn 10 Starcoins when your answer it correctly.

Tips9: Love pets to earn money

Got to different room and try to find a group which has pets. Love their pets and get daily money. If you do it correctly, then you can get over 2000 Starcoins per week. Find pet loving groups and love their pets.

Tips10: Check Fame Magazine for bonus

If you want some fresh bonus daily, then regularly check the fame magazine, which has a different event going on everyday. You can participate in those events and earn fame or Starcoins.

Final words:

If you follow our 10 Tips to get Fame in Moviestarplanet Game, we assure you of getting quick fame in short time. One advice we want you to follow never gives your personal details like mobile number, your address, your real name, your school address to anyone in the chat room.

The moviestarplanet game is designed to make teenagers ready to get fame in the real world, but some mischief users make it very dangerous. Always remember if some is stalking you in the game or sending some adult-related things report to moderator or show to your parents. Till they be safe and gain fame by playing Moviestarplanet game.