MSP Hack No Survey – MovieStarPlanet Free VIP 2018


What is Moviestarplanet Game

Moviestarplanet Game is a free multiplayer online interactive game, developed specially for children aged between 8 to 15-year-old. The moviestarplanet game allows you to create an online avatar, which you can play online. The moviestarplanet game is designed in such a way that you need to earn Starcoins and get fame. You can create avatar according to your choice of dressing your character, choose their hairstyles.

You have to perform many tasks to get fame in Moviestarplanet game. Make movies, watch another people artwork, interact with another player. You can earn Fame points and Starcoins which can be used to buy new costumes and items.

How to use Moviestarplanet hack 2018 {updated}

MSP hack has been developed keeping in mind of the age group, as we all know this game is dedicated to kids between the age group of 8 to 15. We have worked hard to make an online hack; this also ensures keeping your account safe. We strongly advise not to use any online hack which tries to install any software on your system. As all the software contain malware and virus which will compromise your PC or Mobile devices.


msp free starcoins and vip codes

Steps which you have to follow to get “Moviestarplanet online hack no survey” free coins and Diamonds.

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Unique Features of Moviestarplanet

  • The unique concept of getting fame in the virtual world
  • Breathtaking Graphics with intuitive music
  • Cool animated characters
  • Watch movies, play games, go shopping and much more
  • Your Avatar to get away from the harsh reality
  • Make friends, chat with them
  • Make movies and show to the world
  • Total fun activity for any teenager
  • Go to the forum and start a new topic

Features of MSP Hack and Cheats Tool Online

  • This is an online tool which works using the browser.
  • No need to install any software, which means less virus in your system
  • No hidden charges
  • Work great on all devices
  • You can generate coins and diamonds using an online tool
  • Advance algorithm for anti-ban (which protect your Moviestarplanet account)
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  • Gain immediate fame without doing any task

Moviestarplanet Unlimited Coin Hack No Human Verification


  • Very cool graphics with soothing background sound
  • Recommended to age between 8 to 15
  • No special skill set required
  • Avatar represent you in the virtual world
  • More than 250 Million worldwide users
  • Available in more than 11 different languages
  • Teaches children how to behave politely to gain fame in real world


  • Very difficult to get fame in short time
  • You have to buy VIP status to gain fame
  • Some parents complain that chat forum is safe for children
  • People keep on asking phone number and other personal information
  • Parents should keep an eye on children account for any misuse or mishappening

7 tips to get free Starcoins & Vip In MSP


moviestarplanet tips


So, you want Starcoins to get ahead of the competition and get fame quickly in the game. We have summarized ten tips by which you can get Starcoins quickly.

Tip1: watch 10 Movies every day

Yes, it is right, you have to spend time watching ten movies every day. Do not skip this part if you want some quick Starcoins. If you watch other player movies, this will ensure some quick coins which you can spend on other things in the game. Watching small movies should not hamper your other daily task. Try to complete your daily task in the game to get the mandatory coins every day.

Tip2: Make Movies

Try to make movies every day, so that you earn quick Starcoins by them. You can make short movies or long movies depending on your mood. The short movie will give you 10 Starcoins (game currency), and the long movie will give your 25 Starcoins. If you have VIP account, try to include animation in your movie, you will get a good response.

Tip3: Make a series

We all love to watch TV serials, what they have a storyline and a series. You have to implement that thing in your movies. Make a story line or series which people will watch and will wait for next episode.

Tip4: Make Short Movies with an exciting topic

Try to make short movies with interesting topic. Keep an eye on other superstar movies or small clip, get the idea from there and implement it in your movie. Always remember to make movie on some interesting topic so, that your fans will come again to watch it. Short movies will fetch your 10 Starcoins which are very handy, as you can make many short movies every day.

Tip5: View lots of artworks and give good comment  

Always remember one thing, the more you give a good comment to other player artwork, more you will get true friends and followers. Be polite, give a good comment like “cool movie,” “I love your creativity,” “awesome video” will give you a good reputation and put you in their good books. This behavior will reflect in their action, as when you show your artwork, they will come and give a good comment on it.

Tip6: Play Game to earn Starcoins

Take quizzes to earn Starcoins; if you get it right, you will be awarded 10 Starcoins. So, keep on playing games and try to win or come first to get quick Starcoins.

Tip7: Go to Game Section and Play

Go to the game section and play different games, if you are lucky you will get free Starcoins.


If you are looking for free Starcoins and diamond for Moviestarplanet to gain fame, use our online game cheats article. If you find it difficult to follow these tips you can try online generator. Always remember to use online generator tool for once every day to keep your account safe and secure. We recommend you to go through our 7 tips to get free Starcoins.