Last Day On Earth Survival Hack Cheats 2018 [ APK Mod ]

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Friends if you are looking for last day on earth survival hack, then you can go through our article. You need to follow strategies to complete last day on earth survival earlier days. Many new players die without getting any water, apart from that many dies due to attack from other players. We recommend you to follow our tips and tricks to survive the first few days on last day on earth survival.

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How to use Last day on Earth Survival hack 2018 {updated}

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Unique Features of Last day on Earth Survival Cheats no human verification

  1. Awarded Most innovative game of the year 2017
  2. There is no Guide given in the game to survive
  3. You need to find out with your instinct to survive in the game
  4. Kill Zombies and survive the apocalypse
  5. Game become tougher when the new player dies of water
  6. More than killing this is survival game
  7. You need to complete essential requirement within the stipulated
  8. Other players will attack you and your base to gather food and resources.

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Tips on Last day on Earth Survival


last day on earth survival cheats

Tip1# Gather and build for the first three levels

When the game starts, you should focus to gather pine logs and plants fibers. Make these tools on your first points available.

  • Hatchet: it is used for cutting down trees
  • Pickaxe: used for breaking iron ore or lime ore
  • Spear: use to defend from animals and kill zombies

Remember, you should make these three items to survive earlier days of the game.

Tip2# Build house to protect from zombies

You need to make house to protect your self and your valuable from another player. Make a basic 3×3 house with door and windows. House will protect you from a horde of zombies, and it will also protect your items from roaming players.

Tip3# Make at least two small boxes to keep your items

Remember to make two boxes during the early days of the game. You need to make these boxes as we will guide you for outside venture. It will give you many items which required space.

Tip#4 Make a basic backpack

You should make a basic backpack which will help you to keep items when you raid other places or other people bases. We recommend you to make backpack before making any woodworking, shower, garden bed or campfire. Backpack is must, and it should be made early in the game.

Tips5# Go on the airplane wreckage

Before venturing into the airplane wreckage, be sure you have done these things:

  • Your house is complete
  • You must have two boxes ready for your house
  • You should have one garden bed ready
  • You should have one campfire ready
  • You should equip with a spear
  • You should have a backpack ready for you
  • You should take one bottle of water and some food with you
  • Check your health is 100% green
  • Keep everything else in the box and keep only essential things as given above

Note: use the running option to go the airplane wreckage.

 Tips6# how to find water in last day on earth survival game?

Water is the essential commodity of last day on earth survival, and it is tough to find. You will find two water bottles in your inbox which you can navigate by clicking on the coin option given in your dashboard. You will also get bean box there, which can be used to eat when you feel hungry. Remember, do not delete or throw the empty water bottles, these bottles can be used in rain catcher. Rain catcher will give you water when you put empty bottles in them.

Tips7# Find other plane drops

Venture outside your base for foods and other items, just go on the green patch around your base and you will be greeted with outside world. Check for any airplane drops and go using the same formulae.

Tips8# Use Guns when necessary

Always take guns with your when you raid other people base or other places. You should also keep hatchet with your inventory to break rain catcher or cut trees. Use guns when necessary or when big zombies will approach.

Final words

Well, we hope these eight Last day on earth survival tips will help your journey in last day on earth survival. You should also look for other people who will continuously attack you for food and survival. Always remember to keep your valuables in the small boxes inside the house, do not put anything in the car wreckage, that can be accessed by other players.