Last Day on Earth: Survival Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

last day on earth tips and strategy


Last day on Earth Survival is an online strategy game which was developed by Kefir Game company. It was voted as “MOST INNOVATIVE GAME OF 2017” by Google Play.  It boasts of more than 25 Million installs worldwide and now become the industry de-facto standard for killing Zombies. Last day on earth survival game is free to download which you can get from Apple store as well as from Google play store, but it offers an in-app purchase for items used in games.

Last day on earth survival is MMORPG zombie shooter game with a small difference. You need to make a strategy to survive the harsh condition. You are not given any tutorial or guide to starting the game. No storyline to follow, no mission to complete, just pure survival while killing zombies walking around.

You will get killed by another player also or zombies, there is no rule, no law, no one to control anything. It depicts the real frightening situation, where you are alone in the zombie apocalypse.

The storyline as per game instruction:  

World is going through a difficult situation when in 2027 a deadly plague virus infection wiped out 80% of world population. You with some other survivors are left on the earth to survive. Virus infection creates zombies, which feast on human flesh.

You need to survive killing all zombies and another surviving player who seems threatening to your life. Show no mercy or remorse to anyone life as they will not show anything when they will kill you.

Always remember the walking zombies are not the main enemy, there are plenty of other threats which should be looking for like wild animals, other players who want to seal water and other survival items form your base. Do not hesitate to kill anyone who seems to trespass on your base.

If you are facing difficulties to play last day on earth survival game, then follow our tips & guide and you will survive the whole ordeal.

  1. Gathering to survive the first 2 level

The game will start with you standing near a wreckage car with only underpants. The first thing you should do is to go near the car and sit down and check for inventory given to you in the car. Take out a knife and equip it in your hand and now you are ready to start your epic journey.

You have to collect different items present in your environment, pay attention to them and start collecting them. Some of the items are as follow

  • Berries: this you will get from the small bush with red color berry. Use it when it shows you are hungry or when your energy level falls below after fighting with zombies.
  • Limestones: You will find it on the ground, it will be in white and looks like small round shape stone. It is to make different items such as campfire etc.
  • Pine Logs: You have to collect pine logs which will be lying on the ground, you have to go near it and highlight it and then click hand (icon) present on the right side of your dashboard.
  • Pants fibers: there is small bush shape shrub, which you need to gather from the ground. It is being used in crafting different items for the game.
  • Limestone nodes: you need to break this first with a pickaxe to gather limestone. It is used in making items related to games.
  • Iron nodes: you should find these nodes similar to limestone nodes, then look like huge deposit which you need to break fist with a pickaxe to gather iron from it. It is used in crafting many game items.
  • Wild Animals:
  • Foxes: games also have wild animals which are quite dangerous. Foxes will attack you in your early levels, which you can get rid of knives. Foxe’s meat can be eaten raw, or you can eat it by burning in a campfire. You will also use its fur for crafting items.
  • Deer: you will find plenty of deer around your base, which you can kill with a knife. You can eat its meat raw or make some recipe using a campfire. You can also use its fur for crafting items.

Note: if you don’t know where all free items are laying on the ground, then click on the auto button present on the bottom left of your dashboard.

  1. Where is water in Last day on earth: survival game?

Are you looking for water on the Last day on earth survival game and dies much time finding it?

If your answer is yes, then we will tell you the secret which no one will every revel you. You are provided with 3 bottles of fresh water daily to drink. But the question is where to find it. Well follow this sequence, and you will find it: You can also use our Last Day On Earth Survival Hack for fast progress.

  • Click on the gold icon present on the bottom right side of your dashboard.
  • Now click on the inbox icon present on the bottom left-hand side of your dashboard.
  • Check message will be there for 3 bottles of fresh water. Click on the message and take the bottles
  • Now go to your inventory and find the bottles showing there.
  • Select one of them and click use button present on the bottom side of the dashboard.
  • One water bottle will be used for quenching one-time thirst.
  • Note: Do not throw the empty bottle, you will need it when you make rain catcher.
  1. Start crafting basic items for survival first

You need to craft basis items to survival first in the game. This is not shooting game where you will fire indiscriminately; this is survival game, you need a strategy for survival in harsh condition. To begin your epic journey, you should first craft items which are very necessary to survive in your first few days. Three items which we recommend are:

  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • Campfire

When you are in basic starting level, focus on crafting these things. Do not for the small box at the beginning of the game, focus on surviving items.

  1. Kill zombies and wild animal first

When you are staring the game, you need to kill zombies and wild animals first to clear your base. Always use a knife to fight zombies and animals, so that you will not get an injury in the fight. Killing zombies will fetch you rope which is used to craft many items of the game.

How to fight or kill zombies and animals?

If you notice a small fist icon present on your dashboard on the bottom right-hand side, click on this and you will able to attack zombies and animals.

  1. Advance to level 6 of the game

After surviving the first 5 level, you have advanced to level 6, now what is the most important things you should do?

Well, the first thing you should craft is RAIN CATCHER, believe me, it is a frustration to find water everywhere, and you will not get a single drop of water to drink. Make rain catcher and get rid of the drinking problem.

In level 2 you should start building your house, our recommendation is to go to a small house of 3×3 size. Making a house is not difficult part as you will only need pine logs to make it. After making the house, you should focus on bare minimum survival items to decorate it.

Our recommendation is to make these things in level 3

  • Campfire (if you did not make in the first two levels)
  • Garden bed
  • Small box
  1. Home without Door

We have observed many players make the mistake of making home without a door, or when they complete their home, they could not make door as pine logs become a shortage. If you have shortage of pine logs, do not proceed to make a house. As house without door is zero value, as zombies and another player can attack you and steal your items without any hassle. So, keep plenty of logs to make the door, do not make the mistake of making a home without a door.

  1. Venture outer world

If you are playing last day on earth survival, you must notice whenever you go over the green patch, your screen changes and you find yourself outside of your base. Well, if you look at your base you will find many interesting things like limestone bases, pine tree base, and many other things.

All will be given with some interesting facts with them, like how much time you will be need to go there, what is the danger lurking there, what you can expect from there. You can venture all the spots with green icon present above it, pay greater attention when it shows red icon present over it. It means the base or place is infested with zombies and you will find greater resistance in getting your desired items.

  1. Look for gifts

When you are doing well in the game, it is time to move ahead and find some free stuff which is available from time to time. You should look for airplane wreckages, army drop supply crate or look for Alpha Base. One thing you should know that to enter Alpha Base you need to have ID card for that base, which you can gather from killing zombies.

Alpha Base: if you look around you will find alpha base near your base. The alpha base is a good source of many items; you should raid Alpha base much time to get items which are essential to survival. Items which can be gain from Alpha Base are as follow:

  • Bottle of fresh water
  • Guns
  • Military suits
  • Foods
  • Ammunition
  1. Exploration: Green is YES, red is a big NO

If you are staring the game and novice, then explore all the green area shown on the map. Do not try to venture into base or area showing red, these are for higher level, and you should venture when you reach a certain level. For example, if you have guns, then you can think to venture these base, but if you don’t have any gun and still lucking on knife and spear, then forget to venture on those parts.

The green part is marked according to your level or experience gain in-game; this would be a cakewalk for you. But if you venture red portion, then you face powerful zombies or other players who are holding that base.

  1. Use your guns and ammunition judicially

Do not use guns and ammunition indiscriminately at zombies, if you can kill them with a spear, do that. Save bullets for zombie hordes and other big zombies which are hard to kill. Make sure to carry your guns whenever you venture outside in the red area; you will find other players looking to kill you.

  1. Practice stealth mode in combat

When you are away from your base, try to avoid direct combat with any zombie or other players. Practice stealth mode is sneaking using crouch button present on your dashboard. It will ensure your health being intact and you can take other valuable items from that base.

  1. How to get Cloth in Last day on earth?

You can get cloth easily in last day on earth by following this method.

  • Look for aircraft wreckage it will be visible when you venture on the green portion
  • Try to take spear with you when you want to go near aircraft wreckage
  • Open suitcase; you will find the cap, boots, cloth, medic-kits in that wreckage
  • Watch for wolf and other zombies which are present there
  • Do not store cloth in your bag, wear it to save space
  • Alternatively, when you reach lvl 18, you can get sewing table which you can use to craft cloth.

Final words

These are the 12 tips to survive in last day on earth survival game; we hope you understand that this game is strategy game and need more attention than other game. We will come up with more ideas to get you ahead in game, just keep an eye on our blog. Till then happy hunting!